2017 was off to a great start…

But by the end of January, I was swept in the uncertainties that took a hold of our country!  I got overwhelmed with all the noise outside of me and started to wonder what it would be like to live in this new world as a woman and a woman leader!

I am a woman who is a passionate to see women, not just in our country, but all around to world, stand up and lead, be heard and take their rightful place in their homes, organizations, communities, and within their governments. Nothing  infuriates me more than seeing a woman undermined and overlooked.

The new world we found ourselves living in made me wonder if I was disillusioned to want to create a world where women are leading powerfully? I wondered what if what I yearned for was just wishful thinking? What if, as women leaders and entrepreneurs, we were just going to keep butting our heads against a wall with no unforeseeable, meaningful forward movement ahead for us?  I was in a dark place for a few months while I thought about my role — and your role — as a women leader.

Nevertheless, I moved forward — and I watched many women leaders whom I admire do the same! I was moved beyond belief by their courage.

My vision is to live in a world where all little girls are taught to love and appreciate themselves, encouraged to express themselves, and where all young women are nurtured and encouraged to lead from where they are. I also dream of a world where all women leaders are leading and living authentically, fearlessly, truly fulfilled with how they lead. The impact they create leaves a legacy greater than themselves for others to benefit from.

My burning desire is to help create a world I want to live in, show up fully in, and inspire others in, daily!

It breaks my heart when little girls are named bossy the moment they show any signs of leadership, or when young women are called “too ambitious” because they want the best for themselves. It unsettles me when young women are not nurtured to live up to their full potential.  It is exhausting to watch women leaders working themselves to the bone at the expense of their own values, beliefs and personal lives.  They are striving so hard  just so that they can become the best in their fields. I know how hard it is to lead without one’s voice being heard and her best potential not being utilized.

What I want for you, as a woman reading this email, is a world in which your voice is heard clearly and completely and that you live and lead from your top values, so your life is fulfilling and satisfying while you are financially rewarded as you serve the world. I want you to be FearLESS and lead more!

I am asking for your help with my vision of creating a world in which women have the freedom and the opportunity to step into their full leadership potential fearlessly!

How do we create a world like this?

We do it by nurturing and honoring one little girl, one young woman and one woman leader/entrepreneur at a time.  We do it by investing time and energy in ourselves and in each other, by nurturing the young women around us, and by persisting that we will accept nothing less. And we do this by leading fearlessly with all our heart!

That is exactly what I want for you and all the women out there who want to lead and live fearlessly and powerfully.

So tell me, are you there yet?

Are you yearning to lead in a way that brings everything you’ve got to the table, while living a life that rocks your world?

Are you embracing your exquisite inner power fearlessly and telling the world “watch me lead – I AM WOMAN”?

If not…I want to connect with you!

I want to know what is stopping you from leading in a place that changes the world for you and everyone around you. I want to connect with you and have a soulful chat… woman to woman… leader to leader!

It all begins with conversation… everything can change with one conversation. Simply, click here and send me an email, so we can set up a call for us to have a heart to heart!  I am here for you!

We have a new world to create. Let’s get started!






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