You’re Too Strong For a Woman!

Date: July 16, 2019

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YOU’RE TOO STRONG FOR A WOMAN,” he says, the VP of the board with the military cut.

It’s Alice in Wonderland as I feel myself shrink in the chair facing his big desk.

“Take it down a notch,” he barks.

Now I’m so small my feet don’t touch the ground, + my heart breaks. Quietly.

No one’s ever told me I was too strong.

“Sen daglarin anasisin. Daglari yikacak kadar guclusun.”

“You can move mountains.”

This is what my parents said to me every day growing up.

When …

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Why Women Must Answer the Call To Lead

Date: February 6, 2019

Categories: female leadership, she leads fearlessly, Women Leader

It is with great pleasure I get to share with you a powerful and empowering conversation I had with Winnie Anderson of “The Courageous Entrepreneur” show.

Listen in as Winnie and I discuss:

My definition of leadership and why it’s important for women to answer the call to lead
The important role of resilience in emotional health and how we can develop that
How to develop and maintain strong boundaries
My explanation of authenticity and how to handle the challenges of being authentic
The fears associated …

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Always the trees that bear fruit are stoned! – Turkish Proverb

Date: April 5, 2018

Categories: fearless leadersip, female leadership, leadership, she leads fearlessly, Women Leader

Before you start reading this post, I want to warn you. I am going to be talking about a rather controversial topic.  We whisper about this topic among ourselves, we talk about it in the privacy of our own homes, but when it comes to publicly taking a stand for it, we shy away.

The controversial topic that I want to talk about is this; Women, can be each other’s worst enemy!

There it is. I said it!  Now, if this statement …

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Celebrating you and women around the World!

Date: March 8, 2018

Categories: fearless leadersip, female leadership, Internatoinal Women's Day, leadership, she leads fearlessly, Women Leader, Women's History Month



March is Women’s History month and March 8, is International Women’s Day.

I want to take the opportunity to celebrate YOU, a woman who has been in my life and women around the world who have been persisting since the beginning of time. So, here is to you, your persistence and your power to change the world for the better.

You know what is the theme for 2018 Women’s History Month? It is “Nevertheless, She Persisted.”  I couldn’t help but chuckle when …

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