Leadership! Not For The Faint Hearted!

Date: August 10, 2017

Categories: female leadership, leadership, Women Leader

                        “Let the one in least fear, Lead!” – Unknown Author


I remember it very clearly!  Every time I wanted to try something new when I was in my teens through young adulthood, I would tell my dad what I was about to try.  He would say, “God willing sweetie”.  I would reply with “God IS willing Dad… he is simply waiting on me!”

He would laugh affectionately, knowing how determined his first …

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Quad Shot Espresso and Leadership

Date: July 6, 2017

Categories: female leadership, leadership, Women Leader

If you’ve met me for the first time, it will take you only 10 minutes to figure out I love espresso … and lots of it!  It will come as no surprise that I always find and frequent the coffee shops that have the best espresso in town.

So, there I was in line at my favorite coffee shop where I always stop by to order a quad shot espresso. I was second in line.  The customer in front of me …

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