Susan J. Fuglie

Board member of Homeward Animal Shelter

It is my privilege to endorse Nukhet as a stellar leadership coach for women. A leader by nature, she brings truly unique perspectives not only to women’s leadership, but to the art of leading fearlessly. Cultural contrasts and presumptions about how to be a female leader in a male-dominated environment brought her – sometimes painfully – to her own truths of authentic, intuitive, respectful and empowering leadership. I know this works; I witnessed her transformation and its impact upon staff, boards of directors, colleagues and the greater community with which she works.

Ashton Hansen

Senior Recruiter and 35 under 35’er Allegro Group

As a young female professional, Nukhet’s coaching has been instrumental for me to break down internal barriers and build confidence in order to grow into the leader and woman I want to be. Nukhet has a way to get you to understand the core of your fears, acknowledge them, and overcome them so you can continue your path to greatness. Nukhet’s passion for empowering female leaders is evident and inspiring. She gives you the time, tools and assurance you need to continue your development and realize your biggest goals. She is a wonderful role model and coach for women leaders.

Kara Jorvig CEO

Allegro Group

As a business owner, wife, mom, daughter and friend it is hard to find the time to stay centered. Nukhet has helped me understand the importance of self-care and to reconnect with my purpose. I can now acknowledge my fears and manage them, so they don’t limit my growth. Nukhet provides clarity, validation and the perspective I need to move forward with my intentions. Her approach is judgment free, genuine and allows me to be authentic and vulnerable – it is essential on our journey to become fearless leaders. Nukhet Hendricks has a kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit.

Rachael Jayne Groover

Author of Powerful & Feminine and Creator of Art of Feminine Presence.

Nukhet walks her talk when it comes to leading fearlessly both in her nonprofit leader role and as a women’s leadership coach. She empowers women leaders to be the best version of themselves. The principles she teaches through the women’s fearless leadership program are the principles that its time has come and very timely for the transformation and re-framing of women’s leadership. –

Tami Gulland, CEO

Tami Gulland Business Coaching

Nukhet is extraordinarily perceptive and can pinpoint exactly where women leaders hold themselves back. She is compassionate and kind with a fierce love that is ever-present. A leader for a new generation of women leaders, she knows where to find true fulfillment, joy and authentic leadership. She is a trailblazer for freedom, helping women to be fearless so they can make the impact they long to make. Her results say it all. If you are climbing the ladder to success and wonder if there is more, Nukhet is the catalyst to help you discover the missing pieces so you can have it all.

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