Women’s Leadership Coach

Changing the World, One Woman Leader at a Time.

Nukhet Diamond

Hello, I am Nukhet, Leadership Coach for Women.


I work with successful woman leaders who have started to feel like their career is a high-end prison of their own making.  I help them free themselves to lead powerfully, fearlessly, and on their own terms, creating a legacy for generations of women leaders to come.


Do you find yourself turning down the volume on your own brilliance to conform to the traditional model of leadership?

  • Apologizing for your opinion instead of confidently owning your expertise?
  • Agreeing when you know you should disagree because you’re afraid of being unlikable?
  • Feeling like you can never know enough, despite the myriad of books and trainings you’ve studied?

If you’re ready to lead out loud, to embrace your own unique leadership style, and to show up unapologetically powerful and fearless, we should talk.

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