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Nukhet Diamond

Brilliant Woman Leader, you invested tremendous amount of time, talent, energy and resources to get where you are! You thought you would feel on top of the world at this point in your career, and yet…

  • You feel tense and pressured
  • You are feeling exhausted all the time and maybe even dreading going to work
  • You don’t have the sense of fulfillment you thought you would have at this point in your career
  • You’re questioning if you are in the right place and doing the right thing
  • All of this is affecting the outcome you want to create with your leadership
  • Your personal life is beginning to suffer
  • You know something has to shift but you don’t know what
  • You feel lonely!



I reached a point in my leadership that the pain and dissatisfaction finally became so big – I either was going to hang it up or I would need to lean in to my leadership in a new way. I was a woman and wife at home, but I stepped into a very traditional, masculine role at work. I needed to find a way to bridge both into my leadership. The result was;

  • I found my authentic power as a leader. I now have a much greater impact
  • I rediscovered my passion and zest for my career
  • And my personal life blossomed.

Join the new generation of women leaders who are creating their own brand of fearless leadership, powerful impact and living authentically fulfilling lives.

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