What Kind of Leader Are You?

"Fear limits a leader. Fearless leadership is an approach that takes the woman leader to her next level of leadership!"

Nukhet Hendricks

Despite having successful careers, women leaders can be their own worst enemies by sabotaging their success at work. Even if they are successful, they are still hesitant to play big. This happens because they harbor self-defeating thoughts and habits without thinking about the consequences or the messages they send to others who can influence their career opportunities.

Your answers to this quiz will help you decide if you are getting in the way of our own success and where to go from here.


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I am afraid of appearing too ambitious.
I desire to be liked by everyone.
I wait to be rewarded at work rather than ask for a raise or promotion.
I believe I have to know everything before I am able to lead powerfully.
I only set goals I know I will reach.
I take longer to make decisions so as to gather all points of view.
I seek other's opinions when I am making decisions.
I use minimizing language to undermine my successes.

I say one thing but my body language says another. 

I have a hard time asking for what I need or want.
I ignore my intuition.
I feel like an imposter (or "fake") sometimes who will be found out any minute.
I end a statement of fact or opinion with a question mark.
I share my dreams with others because I am seeking their affirmation.
I diminish my successes to make others feel better.
I have a tendency to apologize even when there is no need to do so.
I question my decision and second guess myself.
I let my inner critic run the show.
I tolerate poor performance from my staff.
I have a hard time saying no.
I feel I have to explain every time I say no.
I don't speak up if someone else takes credit for my work.
I have a hard time delegating at work.
I ask permission before I state an opinion.
I don't take any risks until I am certain.

I always hold myself responsible if I fail.

I help others at the expense of myself.
I don't take on any responsibility unless I know I am 100% responsible.
I hang myself up in the details.
I am a perfectionist.

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