I mentor brilliant women ready to be a part of a new generation of leaders who do not sacrifice who they are to create the impact and the life they desire!

I am not your traditional Women’s Leadership Coach! I am a leader first and foremost — one who has successfully redefined and reframed the way I lead. I’ve created my own brand of leadership. Having created a leadership style that works for me better than a leadership model based solely on skills, led me to help other woman leaders who were also craving a new, more fulfilling way of leading.

This shift, moving from skill-based leadership to fearless and authentic leadership, is where the sweet spot of leadership is. When you work with me, we redefine and reframe the way you lead. This allows you to create a brand of leadership that is uniquely and unequivocally you so that you can be seen, heard, live and prosper at a higher level.

All research on leadership shows that women differ greatly from men in their leadership style. When women harness the gifts and qualities unique to them; unleashing their fearless woman within and owning their powerful presence as a woman leader; they create an even bigger impact. They gain fulfillment in their lives within and outside of work. They also become powerful role models for the emerging woman leaders they have been leading.

I’ve coached and mentored woman leaders over two decades. After working with me, my clients report experiencing stronger inner resilience, a radical self-awareness and full presence at work and at home. They stopped mirroring the leadership that is no longer effective and started to lead true to who they are!

Fear limits a leader. Fearless leadership is an approach that takes the woman leader to her next level of leadership. This is the essence of my work with my clients. I don’t have a “one fits all” style. My work is completely custom tailored to the unique and individual needs of each of my clients, mindful of their personal and professional values and the outcome they individually want to create. I know that when a woman leader is leading fearlessly and powerfully; she inspires, motivates and models to others what is possible for them.

If this is “the leader” you are craving to be, click here! Let’s talk to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Nukhet Hendricks


Nukhet Hendricks, originally from Turkey, has been calling the USA home since 1987 as a naturalized citizen. Nukhet holds a Master of Science degree in Public and Human Service Administration and has been a nonprofit executive for over 20 years in various leadership roles. She is a CoachU graduate and a Certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher. She is fiercely independent and a spiritual rebel with an unquenchable gypsy soul, always yearning for new frontiers!

She is also one of the co-authors of the books:

  • True Stories by Women Transforming Leadership (Heal My Voice, Publisher)
  • 365 Life Shifts (Jodi and Dan Chapman, Publisher) Coming in February 2017
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