Are you bringing ALL of you to the table?

You are brilliant and talented, decisive and focused, intuitive and empathic…YOU are a leader, an entrepreneur, one who is ready to put vision, vibrancy, and momentum into her future.


I’m Nukhet Hendricks and I help women leaders and entrepreneurs embrace their inner power and experience a successful, balanced, and enriched life.

I got your back!

I have never asked for permission to be who I am. Fortunately, I always had someone in my corner supporting the “fire in my belly” to go after whatever my heart yearned for.

Therefore, I thought having fire in my belly, my graduate degree, technical skills, and good intentions would be all that was necessary to skyrocket my career. But, after take-off, I began receiving orders to behave differently. I am “too strong for a woman, too passionate, too vocal,” ….. Too me??

I didn’t want a negative reputation, of course not, so I worked on changing. I made myself fit in. I began questioning myself around everyone. I became so caught up in making others happy that I held myself to an impossible standard and even passed that expectation on to my team. The result- we were all miserable.

Trying to be someone you aren’t is exhausting. You are tired, completely out of alignment, and you lose yourself to the noise.
I strayed from who I am, and I was disconnected from my own brilliance in the process.

So, how did I find myself?
And more importantly, what qualifies me to help YOU?
I asked myself one question, “Who’s got your back?” (I smile thinking of it.)

The answer delivered me to my calling- helping other women harness the gifts and qualities unique to them; unlocking and unleashing the fearless woman within, owning their powerful presence as a leader and as an entrepreneur so they can create an even bigger impact.
I learned this from my first leadership mentor- my father.

We lived in a secular, but conservative community in Turkey. My father was extremely forward thinking. While his values aligned with the community for the most part, he also observed that women were being held down by men, and he didn’t want that for me. Instead, he empowered me with his support and guidance to have my own mind, my own thoughts, to educate myself, and to know that he had my back.

While some of my girlfriends were building their hope chests and planning to marry, my parents told me that my education- my college degree- is my hope chest. This was not the norm for the time and place. That means I was navigating new situations, new fears, new choices, and new opportunities since young adulthood. My father taught me that as long as I am true to myself- ethically, morally, loving and just- there is nothing I cannot do.

He instilled in me that there was more than one way to create big change. I had a choice- to allow the fire in my belly to ROAR or to utilize the strength of quiet power. Deciding which one to use depended on the circumstances. If taking a loud, public stand were going to put my education or job in jeopardy, I had an equally effective option that limited my risk.

The big takeaway my father gave me is this: Generating new possibilities and creating new outcomes is always possible; simply by being true to ourselves.

His advice and support led me to my leadership positions, expanded my future to include relocating to America, showed me the value and joy of leading with my heart… for a brief period, I lost myself by taking on someone else’s truth.

Upon reflection, I realize that what I needed most, what I needed to keep me from losing myself, or to guide me back to myself was support; someone who had my back, someone who counseled me through my challenges and customized my leadership training to my strengths.

My journey and my experiences have prepared me to help you be a part of a new generation of women who do not sacrifice who they are to create the impact and the life they desire. I now offer you permission to embrace who you are, fully.

I got your back!

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Nukhet Hendricks


Nukhet Hendricks, originally from Turkey, has been calling the USA home since 1987 as a naturalized citizen. Nukhet holds a Master of Science degree in Public and Human Service Administration and has been a nonprofit executive for over 20 years in various leadership roles.

In addition to being a Woman’s Leadership Coach and Consultant, she is also the executive director of a local nonprofit that she grew from a low 6 figure to a 7 figure budget. She continues to grow the organization while mentoring the emerging women leaders whom she has the privilege to lead

She is a fiercely independent spiritual rebel and ocean lover with an unquenchable gypsy soul, always yearning for new frontiers!

She is also one of the co-authors of the books:

  • Feminine Voices – True Stories by Women Transforming Leadership (Heal My Voice, Publisher)
  • 365 Life Shifts (Jodi and Dan Chapman, Publisher)
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